Language solutions for companies in Poland

PROLANG is also about translating and interpreting for companies. We offer an array of translation services.

We provide:

  • translations of all sorts of business correspondence,
  • translations of corporate documents: agreements, articles of association, presentations, rules and regulations,
  • translations of websites and other texts,
  • consecutive interpreting of meetings or presentations,
  • proofreading and correction of texts.

Our language school also guarantees regular friendly rates for translations and language courses to returning customers/clients.

Linguistic audit is an effective tool which allows to carry out a objective evaluation and complex analysis of the communicative skills and linguistic competencies of your company.

The linguistic audit is custom made for your company - it's tailored to your business, to your field of operation or a particular job position. It serves the purpose of establishing precisely which language elements are the most important to emphasise and what may impact the efficiency of learning. 

The linguistic report is the audit deliverable which you receive after the completion and analysis of the examination.

The report covers the evaluation of an examined person and features:

  • needs analysis,
  • linguistic strengths,
  • areas requiring more or less intensive work,
  • guidance in the linguistic progress.

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  • tel. +48 71 372 39 19, biuro @


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