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#British or #American #English?


What I love about British English is its rare humour and imagination which uses common nouns to express abstract meaning:
- a cherry on the top (something great)
- our paths crossed (we met)
- I know it like the back of my hand (very well)
- it cost me an arm and a leg (a lot)
- Not playing with the full deck (crazy)
Although they may sometimes sound like clichés, so be careful.

American English, on the other hand, can both be hated and loved for its overuse of the word ‘get’ on every possible occasion:
- let’s get it done = let’s do it
- He got down to work = he started it
- I haven’t got round to it yet = haven’t done it yet
- gotch’ya = I understand or I caught you
- Let’s get going = let’s go – this is hilariously redundant
- from the get-go = from the start

And I love English in general for its agility in transforming nouns into verbs with unrivalled ease:
- to head down the hill = go down
- to shelve a project = put it off
- to table an offer = to present it
- she eyed me head to toe = she looked at me

Which one do you prefer American or British version?

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mgr Piotr Tryhubczak

Business English Teacher, lingwista, absolwent Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, kierunek Filologia Angielska. Pasjonują go niezmiennie języki obce i programowania oraz metody nauczania. Ukończył studium coachingu i uzyskał certyfikat ACSTH. Pracuje w zawodzie lektora języków obcych od 2000 roku.
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